About Us

AstroTot is a small independent retailer & distributor of out-of-this-world baby and kids products. Most of our brands are from a galaxy far...far...away - well, from other countries, that is!  
We are a mom + dad + baby + 3 big sisters team with a multi-generational history (including grandpa!) of working in the baby and kids product space - so we know not only from a professional standpoint but also a personal experience standpoint - what makes a product worthwhile.

We spend a lot of our time traveling worldwide to find the very best and most innovative brands and we bring them into the USA! That's why sometimes you can purchase directly on our website - and sometimes we point you to another retailer. We sell baby products but we also try to support small family owned and mom-invented businesses around the globe - getting their products into many more stores instead of just ours! 

Have a comment or a question? We'd love to hear from you - social@thelionstonegroup.com  or find us on Instagram @littleastrotot!